Starts 29 November | Ends 30 November

We now invite Network members to submit an abstract to the 6th Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland Conference which will take place on the 29th and 30th November 2017 at Chartered Accountants House in Dublin.

The theme of this year’s Conference is ‘Children and young people’s participation’. Giving voice to children and young people is a key priority in research, practice and policymaking. Recent years have seen considerable progress in involving children and young people, however barriers continue to exist.

The aims of our Conference are to promote high quality research, practice and policy making that employ good practices of involving children and young people. To achieve these aims, the conference will be a mix of practical workshops and traditional presentations and will be followed by roundtable discussions the next day. the conference will include a strong strand on ethics that will be overseen by the CRN’s Child and Youth Participation Special Interest Group. pixel.gif

Some of the themes covered at the conference include:

  1. Formal child and youth participation
  2. Informal, less structured child and youth participation
  3. Methods of child and youth participation
  4. Ethics of child and youth participation
  5. Children and young people’s participation in research:
    1. Health research
    2. Research in educational settings
    3. Action research
    4. Policy consultations
    5. Very young children’s participation in research
    6. Researching with vulnerable groups and seldom heard young people
    7. Supporting practitioner researchers to research with children and young people
  6. Impact of child and youth participation on
    1. Practice
    2. The individual child or young person
    3. Policy
    4. Organisational development

We now invite you to submit an abstract to present or deliver a workshop at the conference. Simply fill in the forms below and attach them in an email to